Hawkeye Black Brown The Avengers Leather Vest

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Hawkeye Black Brown The Avengers Leather Vest

Presenting you the MOST ACCURATE replica of the leather vest worn by S.H.I.E.L.D Agent “Hawkeye” in the Movie “The Avengers”. You will not find ANY difference at all in our replica and the real-deal even if you held them both in each hand. The Avengers Leather Vest is diligently designed and hand-made by our highly trained tailors, who put all their efforts just to bring you the best of the best. Made with 100 percent genuine leather, added with inside pockets, polyester lining, top notch fitting, and above all with affordable price for all Avengers’ Fans. So... Ready to embark upon adventures you’ve never tried before?
Size==Your size==Jacket size==Length==Sleeve====Shoulder 
XS =====34-36============38=========25=====25=========17.5
S ======36-38============40=========25=====25.5=======18
M ======38-40 ===========42=========26=====25=========18.5
L ======40-42============44=========26.5====26=========19
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