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The Kookaburra Dragon Hockey Stick not only boasts awesome power potential but by adopting the Kookaburra ‘skill zone’ promotes close control and enhances dribbling ability. The Kookaburra Dragon Hockey Stick features a 'Mid-Bow' design which places the optimum point in the mid-section of the shaft to enhance ball control, sweep hitting and drag flicking but also assisting in the full blooded strike. ‘Precision Edge’ makes back-handed hitting effortless. The use of ATT (Anti-Tremor Technology) reduces vibrations when striking the ball whilst the SFR (Soft Feel Resin) promotes all important extra touch and feel. Construction: Twin tube core with 95% Carbon and 5% Fibreglass. Shaft: M-Bow. Head: Maxi. Power Rating: 10. Grip: Pro Cushion.

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