Grays GX6000 Scoop Mid-Bow Composite Hockey Stick

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Key Features:

  1. Fully integrated Carbon, Aramid and Fibreglass composite
  2. IFA on the surface of the head to improve control
  3. Energy Reduction handle
  4. New Mid - Bow blade profile
  5. Combination of consistent power with excellent balance and feel

Grays Mid-Bow Information

For 2013 Grays have launched the very latest cutting edge technology with the introduction of the Mid–Bow HS range. The new shape has been developed and features a new central spine profile positioned centrally down the rear of the blade and continues into the back of the head. The new rear shape increases both the sticks “core “ flexural stability and stickhead energy transfer when hitting. This powerful combination creates great hitting sticks combined with exceptional feel. The name of the new Mid-Bow HS models has been created as a result of the new shape and the benefits and features that the new shape provide:

  1. High Stability - as a result of the new rear spine profile that gives central "core stability" to the rear of the stick
  2. Hitting Strength – as a result of the new fibre construction mix and improved energy transfer
  3. Hand Speed – The new shape allows players increased hand speed

Grays Scoop Sticks

  1. Ideal technical players stick who likes close control and dribbling skills
  2. Curved Scoop  head profile helps improve dribbling skills
  3. Allows players to lift the ball easily in close contact situations and perform 3D skills


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