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Adidas composite hockey sticks are fabricated through the induction of Nano Carbon Particles (NCP). These NCP's are added to the specially designed resin system to improve rigidity, stiffness and resistance to abrasion. These particles settle in the hollow chain part of the Carbon-Carbon bond. This allows the molecular structure to bend less as compared to standard reinforced, resin matrixes. This is initself increases compactness making our stick more powerful and durable than any other stick on the market.

Adibow 24 Profile: The latest addition to the Adidas family now features a rounded mid-shaft and open head shape for easy dribbling. The Adibow 24 provides players with a later bow than the Xtreme 24 to take advantage of the improved drag-flicking and aerial characteristics but not as late as the XXtreme 24, thus avoiding some of the characteristics which impede other skills sets.

Construction: 100% Carbon.

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